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Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free 2022: Today I will share the updated website list so you can watch anime for free. It is the most researched website list (2022) of watching anime for free without any hustle.

I know you are tired of searching on google for the best website to watch anime for free but still finding it. You don’t need any searches after reading this updated list of anime websites. We are finding and bringing up-to-date and genuine lists (2022) so that you can watch without any problem & disturbance.

Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free 2022: Now let’s dive into the list of the 7 most genuine websites where you can see whatever you want to see (anime series).

Reasons – Why Is Anime So Popular?

Whay Anime is So Popular

There are many reasons but here we discuss some important reasons that make Anime blogs, and anime content so popular.

  1. It is a very much relatable, connected, and well-written story.
  2. Yes, it also brings a far from reality.
  3. Most importantly, it has a global audience and people of all ages love it.

As per statistical data, The global anime market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2022 to 2030 (source:

What are good anime websites and their standard features?

Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free 2022

Anime websites are collections of anime movies and shows where you can easily watch anime online. Here are some standard features of good anime websites –

  • A good anime website provides a filter option by quality, language, genre, and many more like anime quotes.
  • You can also request if your desired anime is not available.
  • There is also a clear schedule of new or upcoming animes on site.

9Anime. VC

It is one of the popular websites to watch anime online for free of cost. It is started in 2016. As per their information on sites, they have not received any other report regarding the site’s security. But still, they recommended watching anime with a VPN to stay anonymous.

You can easily watch it here without the tension of lagging or buffering at your convenient quality. You will be disturbed free of annoying ads. You also get dubbed versions of anime series. You don’t need an app, just go to their websites and watch anime by simply searching, Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free 2022.

AnimMixPlay. to

AniMixPlay is a genuine online streaming anime website. Here you can also watch anime without any disturbance. You don’t need to install any other app. Just simply search and go to websites then search for your desirable anime to watch.

As per their info on websites, they had not had to store any files on their server. There is no app available in the play store.

KickAssAnime. ro

Here you get all the scheduled list of anime that is going to release. You have also the choice to hide ads. There is lots of anime list to watch anime easily without buffering and ads ( of your choice).

You can also rate anime series here. It is a free and easy interface. More interestingly you can also request the series that you want to watch if it is not available.

Animekaizoku. com

This is one of the anime downloading sites that are available on the internet world. You can easily download anime movies and series and many more without any hustle. You can give ratings. You can also request movies if it is not available on the site. There is also telegram and discord available. Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free.

AnimeBee. to

It is also a better site to watch anime online for free. But here the site is with ads. Here you get awesome filter features to categorize anime series. There is a different telegram, Reddit, and discord community available. You get a filter option of the genre of your choice like action, motivating, comedy, adventure, Historical, horror, and many more with convenient language.

There are also random watching options like other sites to watch anime series randomly. ru

Here is a trending tab where you get ideas of trending anime series currently. There is also a search by genre available. You can also register here to bookmark your videos as completed like any other website.

Gogoanime. run

This is one of the most popular websites to watch anime for free. Here you get awesome quality videos to enjoy animes. There is no problem with buffering or any other disturbance at the time of watching anime.

Here anime series are categorised into ongoing series, daily, week, and monthly updates list. There is a different genre-wise list also available. As per demand dubbed version is also available. Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free 2022

Is Anime Legal to watch for free?

There are no black and white clear answers. But absolutely anime is not illegal if you watch it from an official legit site. From where it is shared by the creator or with the consent of the creator. You can also watch legally from online channels of distribution but it going to be illegal only if you watch from a site that has no copyright of it.

Few Paid Anime Watching Sites 2022

Here are some lists of paid(subscription-based) sites where you can watch anime –

  • Crunchyroll
  • 9Anime
  • Amazon Anime
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Anime Planet


Disclaimer – This article is written for only educational purposes. Here the page may contain some unverified listings and we are also not sure whether they hold legal copyrights or license to distribute content. We do not facilitate illegal downloads of any copyrighted content. So use only legal methods.

However, if you are looking for a better anime streaming website with numerous collections of both old, and new anime and features then go for Crunchyroll. If and only you do not mind paying small charges. And if you want good free alternatives then you may like 9Anime, Gogoanime. So let’s enjoy anime.

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